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Carly Earnshaw


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I provide a space free of distractions in order to focus clearly and deeply on the issues that are bringing you to therapy. Some people are seeking resolution to a specific problem, such as difficulty in love, past trauma, conflict with parents or crippling feelings of sadness and guilt. Others come to therapy to uncover their truest selves--to create purpose and meaning, to strive for the most satisfying life possible. I help people to increase their sense of power, agency and control while decreasing feelings of anxiety, self-hatred, guilt or shame. I strive to create an environment that feels supportive and safe.

Most of the people with whom I work are interested in improving the quality of relationships in their lives. I have helped many people who initially came to therapy with thoughts about suicide along with intense feelings of sadness, anxiety and guilt. I also frequently work with people who have experienced abuse.

I offer daytime and evening hours. I have two office locations in the Inner Sunset and in Hayes Valley. Please see my website for more details. If you have questions, please ask! I look forward to hearing from you.

Main Office

Work phone
Office #1: Address
946 Irving St.
Office #1: City
San Francisco
Office #1: State
Office #1: Zip

Demographic info (optional).

  • Female
Sexual orientation
  • Queer
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • White/Euro American

Credentials (required)

Prof. degree
  • MA
Prof. degree concentration
  • Clinical Psych.
Year degree obtained
Educational institution
New College of California
License type
  • LMFT
Year originally licensed
License number
MFC 49826
License expiration date
October 31, 2018

Background and practice info

Theoretical approaches to my work
  • Client Centered / Person-Centered
  • Feminist
  • Object Relations
  • Psychodynamic
  • Relational
Clinical specializations
  • Abuse: Children
  • Abuse/IPV: Female Survivors
  • Abuse/IPV: Male Survivors
  • ACA / Codependence
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Artists / Creativity
  • Depression
  • Gender Identity / Trans / GNC
  • Mental Health of Family Members
  • Polyamory / Non-Monogamy
  • PTSD
Types of therapy
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Counseling
  • Individual Therapy
  • Long-Term Therapy
Languages (used in therapy)
  • English
Client ages
  • Teens / Adolescents
  • Adults
Sliding scale
Low fee
Insurance info
I am able to work with clients who have PPO insurance plans. I also accept HSA payments using the debit card supplied by your provider.

Additional Offices

Office #2: Address
110 Gough St., Suite 403
Office #2: City
San Francisco
Office #2: State
Office #2: Zip
Office #2: Disability access?