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Gender & Sexual Diversity

Lisette Lahana


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Authentic Alliance, A Licensed Clinical Social Worker Professional Corporation

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With 20+ yrs as a therapist, I help people break out of depressive cycles, heal from trauma and feel more relaxed. With a warm, non-judgmental approach I'll help you break free from negative patterns. Tell me your goals, what do you really want? We will create a plan to get there, step by step. Our work will focus on having a healthy relationship with self and others. I have been a trauma therapist, utilizing EMDR, since 1999. I prefer to work with individuals and do not see couples for therapy.

My practice focuses on supporting the emotional growth and healing of pansexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay men, asexual, and queer-identified people. Questioning individuals are always welcome. Polyamorous and/or kinky folks are affirmed in my practice.

>>Se Habla Espanol-BIMPOC folks welcoming.

In addition to general mental health I am a Gender Therapist who has been working with non binary, transgender, agender, intersex, and gender expansive individuals since 1999. In addition, those who may decide to re-transition or who are choosing another gender pathway are welcome.

As a gender therapist, my role is to facilitate internal exploration and remove obstacles in your coming out process. I help those seeking medical transition by obtaining referrals (letters) and preparing them for the changes they can expect from hormones and surgeries. While transitioning may be the right decision for many, I also work with individuals to find subtle or creative ways to express their gender identity.As a WPATH GEI SOC8 Certified Member, I provide professional, experienced support throughout your journey.

Currently, I offer only Zoom sessions.
Book a free introductory Zoom meeting through my professional corporation, Authentic Alliance, to see if I am a good fit.
Additional thoughts
For therapists, I offer individual and monthly group consultation on their clinical work with transgender and gender-diverse clients. I am also a Certified WPATH Mentor and offer individual and group mentorship meetings toward WPATH certification.
Currently accepting new clients?

Telehealth (for Referral/Org. members only)

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Demographic info (optional).

  • she/her/hers
  • Female
Sexual orientation
  • Queer
  • White/Euro American
  • Mexican/Mexican American
  • Jewish

Credentials (required)

Prof. degree
  • MSW
Prof. degree concentration
  • Clinical Social Work
Year degree obtained
Educational institution
Smith College
License type
  • LCSW
Year originally licensed
1999 in Massachusetts (LICSW #1032212) and LCSW 2006 in California
License number
LCS 23663 in California
License expiration date
July 31, 2024

Background and practice info

Theoretical approaches to my work
  • Cognitive Behavioral
  • Integrative
  • Psychodynamic
  • Self Psychology
Clinical techniques
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)
  • EMDR
  • Relaxation Training
Clinical specializations
  • Abuse: Children
  • Abuse/IPV: Female Survivors
  • Abuse/IPV: Male Survivors
  • ACA / Codependence
  • Adolescents
  • Aging Parents
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorders
  • Bisexual Issues
  • Children
  • Coming Out
  • Depression
  • Disability / Chronic Illness
  • Ethnic or Cultural Issues
  • Gender Identity / Trans / GNC
  • Gender Specialist (as defined by Gaylesta)
  • Grief / Loss / Dying
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Mental Health of Family Members
  • Midlife Issues
  • Psychosis
  • PTSD
  • Self Esteem
  • Sexuality
  • Stress / Burnout
Specialized populations
-Welcoming those who are retransitioning/detransitioning, Intersex, and/or Agender
-Family Members of Trans or Non Binary People
-Family and Partners of Trans and Non Binary People
Types of therapy
  • Brief (Time-Limited) Therapy
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Consultation
  • Distance Therapy (Phone or Internet-based)
  • Individual Therapy
  • Long-Term Therapy
  • Workshops
Languages (used in therapy)
  • English
  • Spanish
Client ages
  • Children
  • Teens / Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Elders
Sliding scale
Low fee
Insurance info
If you have a PPO Plan I provide a detailed receipt that you send into your insurance company so that you can be reimbursed. I take FSA and HSA account payments.

Customary fee: $200
Private insurance plans
  • Lyra Health
Available 24 hrs?

Additional Offices

Office #2: Disability access?

Group Therapy Information

Group #1: Name
Gender-Focused Consultation Group for Therapists
Group #1: Focus
  • Gender Identity; Transgender
  • Therapist Consultation/Supervision
  • Transgender Partner Concerns
Group #1: Description
Five consult groups available

-Consult on challenging cases with Lisette Lahana, an experienced gender therapist and WPATH WPATH GEI SOC8 Certified Member and WPATH Certified Mentor who has been seeing non binary and transgender clients of all ages since 1999.
-Use group to gain 8 of 10 WPATH Mentor Hours
-Develop clinical skills and learn how to help clients prepare for medical interventions like surgery and hormones.
Discuss interventions to help clients reach goals for gender expression and well-being.
-Help family, partners and the workplace move through the process of gender changes.
-Explore intersectionality including how race, class, abilities, immigration status, family dynamics, mental health, sexuality and trauma histories impact clients' gender.
-Gain access to a private Google Group for gender therapists to ask questions, get resources and build your network nationally.
Get support and consultation from your peers in a diverse group of talented clinicians who grow with you over time.


FEE: $80/month

Maximum: 9 members per group.

Group #1: Member orientation
  • Mixed (LBG & Heterosexual)
Group #1: Member demographic
  • All genders
Group #1: Length
Group #2: Name
Partners of Transgender, Non Binary, Gender Diverse and Intersex People
Group #2: Focus
  • Gender Identity; Transgender
  • Grief; Loss; Letting Go
  • Intimacy; Dating; Relationships
  • Relationship Communication Skills
  • Social Support; Social Skills
  • Transgender Partner Concerns
Group #2: Description
Every Other Wednesday


This online therapy group is designed for partners of trans masculine, trans feminine, non binary, gender diverse, questioning (including those re-transitioning) and intersex-identified adults. This ongoing group is diverse in terms of race, whether you are a parent, age, and how long partners have been making changes. What members have in common is a desire to be non-judgmental, supportive and to share experiences. Get support for the complicated experience of having a partner come out. Partners may enter the group feeling a sense of loss, anger, betrayal and confusion. Other partners may feel excited or relieved that their partner's mental health is improving. Sometimes having a partner come out causes you to look at your own sexuality and gender. Your social experience and level of social bias may change. For example, if you are a cis woman, your partner being seen as a woman may cause others to now see you as a lesbian couple. Or, if your partner is non binary, people may not know how to identify your sexuality. If you were always seen as part of a queer couple, you may now be perceived as heterosexual.
Families often have difficult decisions to make such as how to time changes, and how to talk to kids and family. Group also welcomes partners who themselves are trans, non binary or intersex and have challenges around their partner coming out.
Learn more at Lisette Lahana's website.
Group #2: Member orientation
  • Mixed (LGB & Heterosexual)
Group #2: Member demographic
  • All genders
Group #2: Length
Group #2: Telehealth state
Group #3: Name
Transgender Therapy/Support Group
Group #3: Focus
  • Gender Identity; Transgender
Group #3: Description
This online group is designed for trans masculine, trans feminine, non binary or intersex adults age 24 and up. Gender is a primary focus but group will also help you build your sense of gender joy and well-being. Our group contains maximum 9 members so that you have time to get the support you need. Led by a gender therapist with 20 yrs serving the diverse gender community. Must be a Californian, low-fee slots.

Every other Thursday 6:15-7:45pm

Check out my web page about the group for more details.
Group #3: Member orientation
  • Mixed (LGB & Heterosexual)
Group #3: Member demographic
  • Transgender
Group #3: Length
Group #3: Telehealth state

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