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The Psychotherapist Association for
Gender & Sexual Diversity


All members have access to our thriving network, community consultations, our listserve, in-person events and more

There are multiple levels of membership available to fit different practitioners’ needs, based on 3 types of membership:  BasicReferral and Organizational. Each year, Gaylesta offers a limited number of scholarships to members, based upon need. If you feel that you might be appropriate for such a scholarship, please send an email to Barton Shulman for further information.

Basic membership: provides access to the listserv, in-person events, and online forums.

Referral membership: provides the features of a Basic membership, plus inclusion in the searchable “Find a Therapist” Gaylesta directory (as well as the “Find a Group” directory), and an enhanced public profile webpage with options to list multiple offices, groups and photo albums. 

Organizational membership: is a special membership for non-profit clinics or organizations providing low-fee mental health services to individuals and families, which have an LGBTQ-affirmative perspective. It allows them to register up to 4 staff members from that organization, with all of the features of a Referral membership (although staff may not promote their private practices through this membership).

membership fees and levels

Membership fees are charged annually and vary based upon whether an individual is: 

  • licensed as a mental health clinician or pre-licensed
  • in practice locally (SF Bay Area) or remotely only;
  • working at least 50% at a non-profit clinic or mental health services organization.

Licensed   $85 Sign me up
$250Sign me up
 $35Sign me up $200Sign me up
Nonprofit Clinical 
 $50Sign me up $215Sign me up
 $100Sign me up

*Membership is charged annually from the date of activation.

Licensed memberships are available to clinicians who have been granted a license to provide psychotherapy by an appropriate governing body (Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors [LPCC, LPC, LMHC, etc.]).  

Pre-Licensed memberships are available to individuals studying to become a licensed clinician, either enrolled in an educational program or registered as an intern (ACSW, AMFT, APCC, Psychology Intern, etc.) with the appropriate governing body. Pre-licensed clinicians who join as Referral members must note their supervisor's name and license number on their Gaylesta Profile and all marketing materials.  

Remote memberships are available to licensed clinicians (see Licensed memberships, above) who practice outside of the San Francisco Bay Area; they are discounted as such members are not able to participate in our various social and educational events. Remote members are those who are at least 30 miles from San Francisco's Civic Center (the center point of zip code 94102).

Non-Profit Clinic memberships are available to licensed psychotherapists who work at least 50% in a non-profit setting providing low-fee mental health services. Some may wish to promote their own part-time psychotherapy practice.